Funded Projects

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Apex (CPX)

A blockchain-powered data and interactions exchange that passes value and data ownership back to the consumer, as well as increasing marketing effectiveness, data quality and customer loyalty experience for the enterprise.

Private sale concluded on 15 December 2017 raising 15 million USD, for undisclosed amount of NEO tokens.

Token Sale concluded on 30 January 2017 raising 6.4 million USD or 40000 NEO at 1 NEO = 160 USD. (Unlisted)

Zeepin (ZPT)

A decentralized platform for the creative industry, designed to be the world’s leading blockchain-based innovation, transaction, and crowd-funding platform.

Token Sale (private and public) concluded on 18 January 2017 raising 60.84 million USD or 419590 NEO at 1 NEO = 145 USD. (Token Listing)

TheKey (TKY)

 A decentralized ecosystem of identity verification tool using National Big Data and Blockchain.

Private sale concluded on 25 December 2017 raising 16.5 million USD or 275,000 NEO at 1 NEO = 60 USD.

Token Sale concluded on 15 January 2017 raising 1.75 million USD or 10,000 NEO at 1 NEO = 175 USD. (Unlisted)

AlphaCat (ACAT)

A Robot-Advisor Marketplace based on AI and Big Data, building the world’s first Quantitative Investment Platform for Cryptocurrency

Private Sale concluded on 12 January 2017 raising 48 Million USD or 400,000 NEO at 1 NEO = 120 USD.

In light of NEO price fluctuations, public token sale was cancelled. (Unlisted)

Qlink (QLC)

A decentralized mobile network, dedicated to constructing an open-source telecom infrastructure on blockchain.

Token Sale concluded on 22 December 2017 raising 15 Million USD or 250,000 NEO at 1 NEO = 60 USD. (Token Listing)

DeepBrain (DBC)

A low-cost, private, flexible, secure, and decentralized artificial intelligence computing platform for AI products.

Token Sale concluded on 15 December 2017 raising 6.5 Million USD or 140,000 NEO at 1 NEO = 46.5 USD. (Token Listing)

Red Pulse (RPX)

Red Pulse is a market intelligence platform covering China’s economy and capital markets.

Token Sale concluded on 8 October 2017 raising 15 Million USD or 405,844 NEO at 1 NEO = 37 USD. (Token Listing)